Where you are only limited by your imagination.


Have you ever given slightly more, then what people would say, rational thought, to the other side? Not the nether side, but the subtle side.

Have you ever asked yourself,…,

what if the nether side wasn’t the bad-guys?

What if the major lie under stood was,…,

That life, Angels, Demons, or what ever you choose to call them.

Light, Dark, what have you.

What if there was…

Well, best it put…

Infinite shades of…


 I’M AS`’Mode“; A Strong Nuclear force.

I Currently, am Happily the,…,

Indentured Servant, of one I know as,

Lilith! The Weak Nuclear Force.

One is wise who,

confused not of the order

and/or value of the

Nuclear Forces, ~is he.

Aware of many shades of grey

one Dust well to be.

Yoda and His Dark Materials ref.


Through out this site,

you shall find two

paradoxical points of view.

Not to be contradictory or

confusing, but more over to

afford the opportunity for

objective, objection.

One, as`’Mode” and thus`t,

Second be~it “Lil”s.”





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